What Ant Species Have Supermajors

Pheidole tepicana is an ant species that has supermajors. These supermajors are exceptionally large individuals among major workers in their colony.

Pheidole tepicana is known for forming supercolonies across continents, making it a fascinating species among ants. Supermajors play a crucial role in the colony’s functions and are significantly larger than typical major workers. Understanding which ant species have supermajors can provide insights into the unique behaviors and dynamics within ant colonies.

This makes studying Pheidole tepicana and its supermajors particularly interesting for researchers and enthusiasts alike.

What Ant Species Have Supermajors

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Ant Species With Supermajors

Ant species exhibit a remarkable diversity in terms of their behavioral and physical characteristics. One interesting aspect of the ant world is the presence of supermajors in certain species. Supermajors are exceptionally large workers that play crucial roles within their colonies, such as in defense and carrying out specialized tasks. Let’s delve into some of the fascinating ant species that have supermajors.

Pheidole Tepicana

The Pheidole tepicana is one of the intriguing ant species known for its supermajors. These supermajors play a pivotal role in the colony’s functions, contributing to tasks such as foraging, nest maintenance, and defense.

Argentine Ant

The Argentine ant is another species that boasts supermajors. These large workers are essential for the colony’s survival, as they exhibit specialized behaviors and physical prowess that aid in various tasks, ensuring the overall success of the colony’s activities.

Red Imported Fire Ant

Red imported fire ants are renowned for their supermajors, which are significantly larger than the typical major workers in their colonies. These supermajors exhibit distinct physical characteristics and behaviors, contributing to the overall efficiency and resilience of the colony.

Black Carpenter Ant

Black carpenter ants also have their share of supermajors. These large workers contribute significantly to the division of labor within the colony, utilizing their physical strength and specialized abilities to support crucial colony functions.

What Ant Species Have Supermajors

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What Ant Species Have Supermajors

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Frequently Asked Questions On What Ant Species Have Supermajors

Which Ant Species Have Super Majors?

Some ant species with super majors include Pheidole tepicana, Argentine ants, and red imported fire ants.

What Ant Species Have Supercolonies?

Ant species with supercolonies include Argentine ant, red imported fire ant, and Solenopsis geminata.

What Are Supermajor Ants?

Supermajor ants are exceptionally large workers within a colony, larger than typical major workers. They are found in some ant species, such as Pheidole, Solenopsis, and Camponotus.

Do Carpenter Ants Have Supermajors?

Carpenter ants do have supermajors. These are exceptionally large individuals among major workers with more pronounced physical differences.


In the vast world of ants, discovering species with supermajors has been intriguing. From the Argentine ant to Pheidole tepicana, the presence of supermajors in various species sheds light on the diversity and complexity of ant colonies. As we delve deeper into the intricate world of ants, the unique characteristics of these supermajors continue to fascinate and captivate researchers and enthusiasts alike.

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